Lighthouse Louisiana and Crescent Title ‘team up’ to help ease no-call blues by helping those who are blind and visually impaired


Along with the rest of Louisiana, the team at Crescent Title was devastated by the outcome of Sunday’s NFC championship game, and the devastating “No-Call” wherein NFL officials missed a crucial flagging penalty.

There has been a lot of joking about blind referees, but blindness is no joke. Therefore, in an effort to move past the loss in a positive manner, Crescent Title will donate $50.00 from every closing for the next 30 days to Lighthouse Louisiana.

Lighthouse Louisiana is a non-profit corporation that continues evolving to meet the needs of people who are blind and visually impaired, Hard of Hearing and Deaf, and individuals with other disabilities by creating jobs, developing new programs, and providing quality products.

We at Crescent Title remain great fans of the Lighthouse Louisiana and its mission, and we are happy that, through this loss, we have found a way to support our community.