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Understanding the Succession Procedure

Losing a loved one triggers a series of complex legal responsibilities, including estate transitioning and difficult administrative tasks. Crescent Title shines some light on Louisiana's estate transitioning processes during this difficult time in life and provides a roadmap for what lies ahead for clients who require superior succession planning services.

What is a Succession?

In the state of Louisiana, succession refers to the lawful process of transferring a deceased person's assets, comprising both real and personal properties, to the lawful beneficiaries or legatees after meeting all relevant Louisiana legal prerequisites. Real properties often pertain to houses and lands, while personal properties include bank accounts and personal possessions such as automobiles or jewelry.

What is a Succession Attorney?

An estate succession lawyer around Destrehan is instrumental in overseeing the smooth execution of this process, ensuring that the assets of the deceased are allocated according to their will and the relevant state laws. Should it be required, the probate process commences promptly after a loved one's passing. The adeptly qualified lawyers at Crescent Title support any assigned Executor of a Will (if one is present) and the heirs of an estate in traversing probate and finalizing property and title transfers.

Benefits of Hiring a Succession Attorney

The probate procedure can be prolonged and taxing, especially after losing a loved one. Navigating property titles independently can be a daunting task, particularly during times of bereavement. Trustworthy succession lawyers in Destrehan simplify the estate transition and estate planning processes, dealing with legal concerns while affording you and your loved ones time to mourn respectfully.

Crescent Title’s succession lawyers in Destrehan provide services such as:

  • property title transfers
  • debt and lien evaluation and payment for the estate
  • title research to verify ownership
  • drafting a new Will
  • determining guardianship
  • creating a Trust
  • ensuring accurate delineation and location of buildings on properties
Succession Destrehan, LA
Crescent Title Destrehan, LA

Types of Successions

Louisiana law identifies two types of successions:

1) Testate Succession

Testamentary transition in Destrehan takes place when a person passes away leaving a will. Beneficiaries in a testamentary transition are referred to as legatees. The property is transferred to legatees through probate, a process that includes filing the original will with the court and seeking the court's affirmation of its legality. Once the will is probated, legatees can file motions with the court to obtain the deceased's property as stipulated by the will.

2) Intestate Succession

Intestate succession in Louisiana transpires when a person dies without a legally binding will. Under Louisiana's intestate transition laws, the individuals who inherit are named heirs. Heirs procure the deceased's property by appealing to the court for recognition as the legitimate heir of the deceased, thereby securing the right to inherit the deceased's property upon their demise.

Successions can also be classified into those supervised by a court-appointed administrator and those that do not necessitate administration. If estate administration is not required, heirs and/or legatees can acquire estate property by appealing to the court for a judgment recognizing their entitlement to possession. These transitions are generally less time-intensive and more cost-effective. Conversely, transitions under court administration tend to be more intricate and costly.

Hire Top-Rated Succession Attorneys in Louisiana

Succession law represents one of the more delicate fields of legal practice in Louisiana. Though it may appear simple to the uninitiated, it requires a distinctive suite of legal capabilities and knowledge to accurately navigate estate transitions, particularly when it involves the transfer of a title to a deceased's real estate. As highly rated title lawyers, we commit ourselves to ensuring that the property title, whether sold from the deceased's estate or directly transferred to the deceased's heirs and legatees, is unencumbered and sellable once the transition process is concluded.

Should a family member pass away while having an interest in a property you intend to sell, we are prepared to offer guidance on transition options. We welcome you to reach out to us via phone or email to embark on this journey with the top-rated succession lawyers around Destrehan: Crescent Title.

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