Wire Policy

Please take note of our Wire Policy

Wire Fraud is a scheme involving an attempt to steal money from Buyers and Sellers in real estate transactions. These fraud attempts are happening throughout the country.

What you must do:

  • Confirm wiring instructions verbally and with a verified individual at Crescent Title before initiating a bank wire.
  • Watch out for suspicious email addresses. All Crescent Title emails will come from a “@crescenttitle.com” address. Any other address is fraudulent.
  • Do not attempt to initiate wires for receipt by our office more than One (1) business day prior to your closing. For your protection, we will not ask for, nor will we accept, incoming wires more than one business day prior to your closing. Crescent Title WILL NEVER REQUIRE an “advance deposit.”
  • Be highly suspicious of any phone calls or emails that attempt to change wiring instructions. We will only send wiring instructions through our secure closing portal “closing lock” – www.closinglock.com. We will NOT change our wiring instructions.
  • Use a certified bank check (cashier’s check) to bring your funds to the closing. The safest and most secure method of payment for closing is with a physical cashier’s check.
  • Let us know immediately if you plan to utilize a wire.

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