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Estate Planning

Even though it might sound like a fancier idea or term than most think of in everyday life, everybody has an estate. Your estate consists of everything that you own: your home, your car, land, bank accounts, stock or cryptocurrency investments, furniture, life insurance, and personal possessions of all kinds. No matter how expansive or modest, the one thing all estates have in common is that they can't be taken with the owner when they pass away.

Estate planning attorneys help you to control how the items of your estate are distributed to people and organizations that you care about. To make sure that your wishes are fulfilled after passing, you'll need to provide instructions stating whom you want to receive which part of your estate and when they'll receive it. Reputable New Orleans estate planning attorneys will help you accomplish this with the least amount paid in legal fees, taxes, and relevant court costs.

Quality estate planning should generally encompass the following:

Instructions for your personal care and financial affairs if you become incapacitated and unable to communicate before you die.

Arrangements for disability income insurance to supplement or replace your income if you're unable to work due to injury or illness, and long-term care insurance to help cover the costs of medical care in the case of an extended adverse event.

  • Life insurance to provide money for your family at the time of your death.
  • Consideration for loved ones who might be less responsible with funds or who might need protection from creditors.
  • Provide for family members who have special needs without pushing them past thresholds for government benefits.
  • Name a guardian for your minor children's inheritance and care.
  • Provide for the transfer of your business or legal organization in the event of your retirement, incapacitation, disability, or death. 
  • Minimize court costs, taxes, and other legal fees which may include funneling assets into a living trust, updating or completing beneficiary designations, or otherwise bringing your assets in line with your estate plans.

It's important to understand that estate planning is an ongoing process, not a single-time event. Review and update the plans for your estate as your financial circumstances and family situations change over the course of your life.

Common Misconception

A common misconception many people have when it comes to estate planning is, “my estate is not large enough for me to do any formal planning.” Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, a person and family of modest means can benefit the most from skilled estate planning.

A Sound Plan

Creating a sound estate plan is essential to take control of vital matters involving your property, such as directing how and to whom your estate passes upon your death. Failure to have a proper estate plan may cause your assets to pass in a way that you never intended, resulting in negative emotional and financial consequences for your loved ones after your passing.

Estate planning involves creating a plan for managing and distributing assets after a person's death, including naming beneficiaries, setting up trusts, and designating an executor to ensure that assets are distributed according to the person's wishes as outlined in their will or other legal documents.

Peace of Mind

As experienced estate planning and probate lawyers in Louisiana, we understand that estate planning is a complex process that requires careful consideration of your assets, your family's needs, and your wishes for the future. Our team can help you navigate the legal requirements and complexities of estate planning to create a plan that is tailored to your unique circumstances.

We believe that estate planning is not just about protecting your assets but also about safeguarding the well-being of your loved ones. We can help you address a range of concerns in your estate plan, such as appointing guardians for minor children, setting up trusts for family members with special needs, and making charitable donations to organizations that align with your values.

In addition to providing peace of mind for you and your family, a well-crafted estate plan can also help minimize the tax burden on your estate and reduce the likelihood of disputes among family members after your passing. With our extensive knowledge and experience in Louisiana estate planning and probate law, we are here to guide you through every step of the process and ensure that your estate plan reflects your wishes and protects your legacy.

New Orleans Estate Planning Is for Everyone

Estate planning is not just for the elite or the wealthy. Good estate planning is actually more impactful for families of lower or middle-class financial status because the loss of funds and time that results from poor estate planning is more detrimental to these groups. 

Professional estate planning in New Orleans doesn't have to be expensive. It's important to comprehend that attempting to do your own estate planning to save a bit of money in the present can end up costing your family much more in the long run, resulting in consequences that you'd rather them not suffer. An experienced estate planning attorney will be able to deliver peace of mind and critical guidance so that your documents are properly prepared. 

Not Enough People Make an Estate Plan

People put off estate planning because it can be understandably uncomfortable to think about death, especially if they're young. People might also think that they won't understand the process or that they don't own enough to make it worthwhile. However, estate planning is more than just moving around assets. Estate planning helps your family through a difficult moment in life after your passing, regardless of how much is left behind. 

Crescent Title’s estate planning attorneys around New Orleans help you show love to your family and community by preparing ahead of time. Reach out to our experienced estate planning professionals nearby today to get the process started; it’s never too early to start planning. 

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