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Understanding the Succession Procedure

When a family member passes away, survivors often face intricate legal matters that add additional stress on top of an already challenging time in life. Succession and estate management are among these challenges. Our succession attorneys have put together this essential guide to inheritance and successions in Louisiana to serve as a beacon of clarity during times of difficulty.

What is a Succession?

In Louisiana, succession involves transferring legal ownership of all assets owned by the deceased at their time of death. This includes both immovable assets like real estate and movable assets such as bank accounts, vehicles, or jewelry. Heirs or legatees, as per Louisiana laws, acquire these properties after fulfilling legal requirements.

What is a Succession Attorney?

Usually, a succession attorney in Hammond is used during the above to ensure that properties go to the correct people, following the decedent’s last will and testament along with the laws of the state. If needed, probate can start immediately after the death of a loved one. The state-licensed lawyers at Crescent Title will aid any appointed Executor of a Will (if one was appointed) and the beneficiaries of an inheritance navigate probate and settle title and property transactions. 

Benefits of Hiring a Succession Attorney

Handling probate can be an overwhelming and emotional journey. Tackling property titles alone can add to the burden. Experienced succession attorneys in Hammond offer significant assistance, managing legal issues while giving families time to mourn respectfully.

Crescent Title's Hammond Succession Attorneys Offer:

  • payment of debts/liens on estates
  • ownership verification and title research
  • correct labeling and placement of buildings on properties
  • distribution of property titles
  • Will creation
  • guardianship arrangements
  • Trust writing
Succession Hammond, LA
Crescent Title Hammond, LA

Types of Successions

Louisiana recognizes two primary succession types:

1) Testamentary Succession

In Hammond, a testate succession happens when an individual passes away with a valid last will and testament. Those inheriting according to this testament are known as legatees. During testate succession, the legatees must submit the original will to the court, initiating a procedure called probate, where the court is asked to confirm the will's authenticity. After the will is accepted through probate, the legatees file legal documents with the court to gain control over the deceased’s assets, in line with the will’s stipulations.

2) Intestate Succession

Intestate succession in Hammond occurs if an individual dies without a valid will, or if their will is not recognized under Louisiana law. In these cases, the beneficiaries are termed heirs. These heirs acquire the decedent's assets by applying to the court for acknowledgment as the legitimate heirs, thereby gaining the right to inherit the assets owned by the deceased at the time of their passing.

Successions can either be under court administration or not. Non-administrative successions are generally quicker and less costly, allowing heirs/legatees to claim their inheritance through court petitions. Conversely, court-administered successions are more intricate and expensive.

Hire Top-Rated Succession Attorneys in Hammond, LA

Successions represent a particularly intricate aspect of legal practice in Louisiana. To those unfamiliar, it may seem straightforward; however, managing successions effectively demands distinct legal expertise, particularly in transferring property titles of houses or land from the deceased. As highly recommended title lawyers, we focus on ensuring that the property titles transferred from a deceased’s estate or directly to their heirs and legatees are clear and valid for transactions after the succession process is completed.

Should you find yourself in a situation where a relative has passed away while holding a property interest in a house or land you wish to sell, we are here to offer guidance on succession matters. Contact us by phone or email to start collaborating with Crescent Title’s top-rated succession attorneys in Hammond today.

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