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From the earliest days of our country’s history, if people wanted to purchase a property, then they needed to do it with the help of a profession known as a “conveyancer.” These people made sure that properties didn’t have any existing liens and weren’t owned by anyone other than the seller. Modern title companies around Mandeville in the 21st century perform the same work for clients as conveyancers from the past but also provide the added benefit of title insurance. Title insurance protects everyone in case there are any discrepancies during a title transaction. 

What is a Title?

A title is a record of ownership for a property. The title says a description of the property, provides information about present liens, and records who owned the property in the past. For example, if you buy a home with the help of a lender, then your mortgage would be recorded as a lien on the house. A title is not the same as a deed, which is given to the buyer after the property sale has been completed with you as the new owner. 

What is a Title Company and What Does it Do?

Title companies near Mandeville work for the security and benefit of buyers and sellers alike as a third party. They’re hired to perform due diligence and insure the property title during the transaction. Title companies are important because if the true owner of a purchased home is unknown, then they might show up one day with a legitimate legal claim on the property, causing calamity for everyone. A reputable title company close by, like Crescent Title, provides title insurance for buyers so that their financial interests are protected from such pitfalls. Now that you better understand why hiring a local title company is beneficial, it’s time to dig deeper into the finer points regarding their services.

Title Company Mandeville, LA
Title Company Mandeville, LA

Mandeville Title Research and Property Surveying

Crescent Title will perform a detailed property survey so that clients are confident that any existing structures sit on the correct sides of any boundary lines. Nobody wants to learn that their home or addition is actually on a neighbor’s property after a sale has already been finalized. After a property title has been screened, clients are provided with a report about the results. Banks and other lenders may also receive a copy of the results before committing. 

Title Insurance

Title companies around Mandeville provide title insurance for lenders and buyers alike. Since lenders of mortgages have financial interests in what’s purchased with their lended funds, title insurance protects them as well in the event that another party appears with a legitimate claim. This insurance is still active even after the title inspection is complete.

The lender’s and buyer’s title insurance is typically covered by the seller of the property. However, unlike most other insurances that demand recurring payments, title insurance is a one-time cost for perpetual protection for as long as the buyer owns the property


Commonly Asked Questions About Title Companies

Title companies near Mandeville close transactions without hassle or headache. Still, it’s understandable that first-time sellers and buyers of property have questions about title company services nearby. To better cover the basics, we’ve put together a detailed Q&A regarding the most frequent title company questions here:

1) Do I Need to Work With a Title Company? 

Working with a reputable title company nearby is usually a necessity when applying for a mortgage with most lenders, but it isn’t a legal requirement to buy property. That being said, it’s smarter to work with a local title company rather than close alone, especially if paying in cash. This will ensure that your purchase is safe against legal claims from others. 

2) Can Title Companies Remove Liens? 

While title companies in Mandeville can’t remove liens by themselves, they’ll work with sellers and buyers so that nobody’s interests are ignored. Title companies can help negotiate outcomes regarding liens between parties, but it’s up to the seller to decide how and if they’d like to proceed. 

3) Who Chooses the Title Company to Work With? 

Sellers and buyers can choose to work with either the same title company or different title companies. There is no law saying that both must be represented by the same company. 

4) What Problems Can a Title Company Discover? 

Experienced title companies around Mandeville, like Crescent Title, can uncover problems with titles that include: 

  • liens
  • Successions
  • outstanding loans
  • special assessments
  • undisclosed heirs with property claims 
  • unpaid fees for work performed

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Crescent Title works with clients to guard their interests while making sure that title transfers occur smoothly. With decades of experience in the industry, we’ve successfully closed countless sales, and we’re continually expanding our property title services in Mandeville and beyond. If you want the security that working with a professional title company nearby brings, then look no further than Crescent Title. Call or email us today to learn more and to start the process! 

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